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Here at Parvovirushelp.com we try to provide relevant information on a very confusing topic. A topic that can be hard to understand and even more difficult to emotionally swallow. The real numbers show that Parvo can be terribly deadly to the animals we love, and to hear the hard truth can be devastating.

We try to provide information that can help save your best friends life, I speak from real life experience having gone through nursing a parvo puppy back to health.

My Story fighting Parvovirus…

Parvovirus is a vicious disease that can kill a dog in 2-5 days if left untreated, it strikes quickly and can have your household upside down for more than a week. I know first hand, I brought home a puppy (Great Dane) That I got from a woman on Craigslist (I know.. I know..) and that puppy had parvo. Being a single father with three kids and a now very sick little puppy I did not have the $1000-$2000 for a vet to remedy the situation. I was forced to handle it myself.

Parvovirus in Puppy
Our Sadie Girl, 2 weeks after surviving parvo.

After a week of feeding fluids and nutrient gels and antibiotics, after cleaning everything in my home everyday using one of the few cleaners that actually kills parvo Rescue One Vet Strength Cleaner And it also come in Wipes, after five sleepless nights and work-less days and the Help of Amber Technology’s Parvo Virus Combo Pack (Available for Prime Overnight Shipping) our little pup Sadie ate one single kibble and I cried. We made it… She was going to survive, we had saved her life. Today she is a bright and energetic six month old puppy playing and thriving. So you see I know what your going through, because I have been there…

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