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Can Parvovirus infect Humans?

Can Humans get Parvo or Parvovirus?

Wondering if we as humans can get parvo is only natural, we watch as our furry best friends suffer through something torturous and jump to their aid without even considering if we ourselves can be infected. So what we need to know is if Parvovirus is zoonotic, or does it have the ability to jump between species in other words. In short, no Parvo is not zoonotic, but there is a strain of parvo that human can catch but only from other humans. Parvovirus will jump between different members of the same taxonomical class. For example a Dog with parvo cannot give it to a human but it can give it to a fox.. IE a cannid. There are dozens of different species of parvovirus but each only effects animals in that said taxonomic unit. So a mouse with parvo might infect a hamster.. but never a human.

So can I catch parvo from my sick dog? No. Can I catch it from my sick cat or hamster? No. But you certainly can catch iut from your spouse or neighbor since that would be a human variant of the strain. Now human parvovirus is no where near what our canine companions go through, it is for the most part mild and only slightly uncomfortable. It consists of a red rash on the face and a low fever often accompanied by arthritis like symptoms.

Parvovirus or B19 Virus as it was first discovered in a Vial of serum labeled 19 in B panel in 1974. It is also known as Fifth virus and is a common Parvo b19childhood ailment and is often lumped together with measles, rubella and Dukes disease all known for the rash they exhibit. It only becomes an issue when paired with a preexisting condition such as HIV or Leukemia or anyone with a compromised immune system. Pregnant women are also at higher risk of miscarriage though still a low risk overall.

Clean up ParvoThe differences in the parvovirus strains comes about in trying to prevent spread of infection. Though its almost impossible for an animal to be held liable for the spread of it’s parvo its humans that account for the main spread of canine and feline parvo. Moving animal to animal and place to place without properly washing and sterilizing before and or afterward. This often occurs in veterinary clinics as well as kennels and shelters. Sometimes transmission is as simple as petting a strange dog then petting your own.

One of the few cleaners that actually kills parvo is Rescue One Vet Strength Cleaner And it also come in Wipes.

To Sum it up, No you can’t catch parvo from your cat or dog.. but its up to you to play the lead role in in the prevention of its spread from place to place and animal to animal. Wash often and sterilize tools often and keep things clean.

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